Summer 2012: How can we use dynamic websites to maintain bibliographies, outlines, indexes and to do lists while the author concentrates on one paragraph at a time?

Spring 2012: Is there a map for an orderly build of an elementary site in Drupal 7?

Autumn 2011: What health claims may be advertised in Europe?

Autumn 2010: How have food labels on functional foods converged across the world?

Spring 2010: What is the delay between a change and the announcement of your flight time?

About Rooi

We are a private R&D company based in north Bucks, England, United Kingdom.  We work at the nexus of management, psychology and IT & use rapidly developing web-enabled IT to provide businesses with otherwise hard-to-find data.

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Our Speciality

We work in the space in between e-commerce and strategic consulting.  E-commerce works with transactions. It is fast and has a time span of milliseconds to minutes.  Strategic consulting works with economics, politics, and the long term future.  We collect and lay out data so it relates clearly to specific business decisions that determine our future in the next few months.

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Rooi is led by Jo Jordan, a work & organizational psychologist with 20+ years’ experience in management consulting and business school teaching.

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FMCG, Retail and Travel.  Research & Development.  EU Regulation.

We use web-enabled technology to bring together and lay out data to find ready markets, speed up new product development, and streamline operations.

We are always interested in aligning ourselves with people also working in this space or interested in a joint venture.

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Welcome to Rooi Limited

Welcome to the website of Rooi Limited, a private R&D firm based in north Bucks, England. We specialise in collecting and laying out otherwise hard-to-find data.

We've laid out the questions we have been answering in recent years in a slide show.  We are always interested in aligning ourselves with people who work in the same space.  If you would like to discuss a joint venture, please do contact us.